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Labor Pain Relief, Natural & Safe, Easy to Use Portable Digital Maternity TENS Device Uses Powerful Opti-Max Boost for Effective Pain Relief from Home to Hospital, Recommended by Midwifes and Doctors.

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Comfortable Pregnancy, Drug-free Labour and Postpatum Pain Relief

  • Pregnant and Plan to Giving Birth in Singapore Unmedicated, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Hynobirthing or Waterbirth?
  • Looking for Quality Maternity TENS Machine Specifically Designed for Childbirth?
  • Your Midwife or Doula Recommended Maternity TENS and You Will Like to Find Out More?
  • Or You are Looking for Continuity of Natural Labor Pain Relief for uses at the Labour Onset at Home, when transit in the Car and at the Hospital?

What is Maternity TENS Machine?

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What are the benefits of using Maternity TENS?

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When to Use the Maternity TENS?

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Our Maternity TENS are the highest quality, most trusted and reliable, internationally recognised and reputable Maternity TENS recommended for childbirth and postpartum care. 

Babycare Elle TENS units are top-rated and awards winning, ergonomically designed and easy to use with pre-set modes. It features the Opti-Max technology, which gives the extra pulses of pain combatting power during the final stage of labour, when you need it the most.

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This training video was made for UK NHS staff and now has been made available publicly. Listen to the professionals and what mothers said about their labour experience on using Babycare TENS maternity machine.

Babycare TENS

Find out more about our Babycare Elle TENS units and how you can use it for childbirth and postpartum from our videos.

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Elle TENS step by step set up and Instruction For Use

This video shows you how to set up your Elle TENS in detail, what is inside the box, how to practise a trial run, how you would be feeling when using Elle TENS, what to do in between and during the contractions, how Elle TENS can help you in different stages of labor and when contractions get more intense, the frequently asked questions, troubleshooting questions and general precautions.

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How to use a Elle TENS 2 in Labour with Midwife Marley

Midwife Marley walks you through what is a maternity TENS machine as a non-invasive drug free pain relief, what are the benefits of using it during labour, when and how to use it in different settings, how it can be used while using other form of pain relief, the easy to use preset modes, how Elle TENS 2 works with our body by blocking the pain signals, and use it as postpartum pain relief.

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Elle TENS Plus the 3-in-1 units and what is in the box

Elle TENS+ is the ultimate Obstetric TENS unit designed for childbirth and postpartum. Firstly, the important Birth mode with built-in boost button uses powerful Opti-Max technology for extra surge when experiencing contractions . Secondly, the Pain mode for general pain relief before and after childbirth. Lastly, as Pelvic Floor Simulator for strengthening pelvic floor muscles after giving birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

TENS is effective and safe, drug-free, non-invasive and works in harmony with your body by promoting the release of our body natural pain relief hormones, Endorphins.

It has been used widely worldwide by pregnant women, hospitals and birth centres.

Medical Professionals recommends TENS to treat labour pain naturally.

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