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Highest of Quality & Trusted Natural Labour Pain Relief throughout Labour. Helps Pregnancy Back Pain, Postpartum Care & Recovery. Features Opti-Max Boost

Why Get Your Elle TENS

The Maternity TENS is excellent as one of the safest and effective ways of drug-free modern labour pain relief by helping the body to release our natural painkiller hormones, endorphins and Encephalins while blocking the pain signals to the brain. It has no known side effects to mother and baby.

The labouring mother can remain mobile and upright, one of the important elements for labor to progress with descent and dilation. Women often feels more in control when using Maternity TENS during childbirth and considerably reduce drug intake. Above all, you can start using from the early onset of the labour when you are labouring at home and it can also be used in the hospital settings. It allows the continuity on providing labour pain relief and helping with the transition from home to hospital.

What's more, women often find it helpful to have Maternity TENS for pregnancy lower back pain, after birth pain and general backache post-pregnancy.

Babycare Elle TENS machines are compliant with strict European medical device regulations, registered and approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Our ergonomic designed Maternity TENS are customer focused functionality for experiencing childbirth with higher satisfaction and promoting bonding with your baby after giving birth.

Features and Benefits

Babycare Elle TENS range is specifically designed for the labour pain management and beyond.

  • The Opti-Max technology, provides extra versatility with extra surge of pulse power for labour pain relief management.
  • Boost button, rapidly increase the intensity of the impulses into the nerve fibres during the contractions for additional pain relief.
  • Pre-set modes, allows you to focus on your labour with easy to use pre-set settings.
  • Contraction Timer, automatically measures the time interval between your contractions when the Boost Button is pressed.
  • Large Maternity Electrode Pads, covering more skin area just nicely allowing more electrical impulses to stimulate the release of our pain relieving hormones, endorphins while blocking pain signals to the brain.
  • TENS mode after birth, the easy to use pre-set mode for after birth pain, general backache post-pregnancy and general pain relief such as back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain, period pain, sprains, sports injuries and many more.
  • Pelvic Floor Mode, helps toning and strengthening the pelvic floor after birth, and treats incontinence. Helps women to regain bladder control and improve sexual satisfaction.
Features and Benefits Elle TENS Elle TENS 2 Elle TENS+
Pre-set modes for ease of use Yes Yes Yes
Boost button for contractions Yes Yes Yes
Opti-Max technology for extra power Yes Yes Yes
Contraction Timer Yes Yes
Backlight Yes Yes
TENS mode after birth Yes
PELVIC FLOOR mode after birth Yes
Large maternity electrode pads Yes Yes Yes
Belt clip and neck cord for extra mobility Yes Yes Yes
Womens Guide to Drug-Free Pain Relief Yes Yes Yes
Quick Start Guide Yes Yes Yes

This table comprise the features and benefits of Elle TENS models. You can choose your Elle TENS unit easily with one look at a glance. All our maternity TENS has pre-set modes for ease of use, boost button for contractions, Opti-Max technology for extra power, large maternity electrode pads, belt clip and neck cord for extra mobility, Womens Guide to Drug-Free Pain Relief, and Quick Start Guide. Elle TENS 2 and Elle TENS+ comes with additional features of backlight, contractions timer, spare leadwires and spare batteries. Elle TENS+ is 3-in-1 unit includes Birth mode, TENS mode after birth and PELVIC FLOOR mode after birth as pelvic floor toner.

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