Comfort Measures for Labour and Birth

During the labour and Birth, comfort measures helps the labouring women to feel calm and supported, more relax and comfortable on coping with the intensity of the labour.

The Essence of Coping in Labour

When women is showing Relaxation between contractions, Rhythmic mind going in the head and movements, and Ritual of repetition of the same rhythmic activities contraction after contraction, allowing instinctive sounds and movements to come from herself, she is coping well.

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Standing and Slow Dancing

Changing and gets into a comfortable position can make a difference for coping with labour and the progress. Upright position really helps with gravity. This video shows how your partner can supports you in Standing position and Slow Dancing during the labour.

Slow Breathing Rhythm

Easy and Natural Slow Breathing Rhythm during contractions allow you to focus your attention in a constructive way and release tensions. When you needs to pause everything to let the contractions go by, time to start breathing slowly and fully. This videos show you how to use Rhythmic Slow Breathing during contractions.

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Labour Positions and Massage

Different Labouring positions, massage and stroking can helps the people in labour to feel more relax, comfortable and feeling supported.

Warm compression by using a heat pack or rice socks, offers the relief on lower abdomen and lower back. Warm compression on perineum during pushing has higher incidents of intact perineum and better results. Some prefers Cold Compression on lower back. Cold washcloth for forehead especially during second stage is comforting.

Birthing Positions

In this video, the midwifes from from NHS BHRUT Maternity Services walks you through different labour and birthing positions, and explains to you why the positions is important during the labour and at the latent phase of the labour.

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TENS Machine in Labour

Karen shares why she used Maternity TENS for her birth. She could have the labor pain relief from the beginning of the birth to the end of the birth, and there is no known side effects to the mother and baby. She was able to move throughout her labour. After giving birth, she could move around and feed her baby by herself.

Birth Partner

This videos shows you how do Birth Partner can be prepared and supportive during the labour.

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