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Elle TENS Plus is Ultimate 3-in-1 TENS Device with 3 Modes. As Labour TENS for Natural Pain Relief in Labour and Childbirth. TENS Mode for General, Chronic and Acute Pain Relief. Pelvic Mode as Pelvic Floor Simulator to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles to Treat Incontinence and Increase Sexual Sensitivity. The Ideal Drug-Free Pain Relief for Labour, General Pain Relief and Pelvic Floor Toning.

As Labour TENS
As Pelvic Floor Simulator

Birth Mode

Natural Labour Pain Relief Utilising Opti-Max Technology, Operates As Labour TENS with Burst Modes In Between Contractions, and Boost Modes During Contractions. Built with the Same Cutting Edge Technology as The Original Awards Winning Elle TENS.

Pain Mode

Relieving General Pain, Chronic and Acute Pain. Preset 4 PAIN Modes - Constant mode for short term pain conditions, Burst mode for long term and pre-existing conditions, Massage mode creates a massaging sensation and Mixed mode produces a simultaneous activation of the enkephalin and dynorphin systems which creates a more potent analgesic effect to combat pain.

Pelvic Mode

Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles for Increasing the Sexual Sensitivity and Treats Incontinence Including Stress, Urge and Mix Incontinence, with The Pelvic Floor Simulator Functions.

Ideal for Post Birth Recovery and Helps Women of All Age Experiencing the Embarrassment of Incontinence. Preset 4 Pelvic Modes - Urge, Stress, Mixed and After Care.

Elle TENS Plus is An Awards Winning TENS Device Recommended by Mums and Midwifes
Elle Plus Awards - 1

Features and Benefits


Opti-Max Technology

The Revolutionary Opti-Max Technology, is what makes Elle TENS Labour TENS Device Different from Any Other Maternity TENS in the Market.

It is Especially Useful during the Final Stages of Labour, Give Extra Reserve of Power for Greater Relieve When You May Need It Most.

Opti-Max Technology Adjusts the Depth of the Pulses, Upwards or Downwards to Give Extra Surge of Power.

All of Elle TENS Labour TENS Devices Features with Opti-Max Technology.


Burst Mode - Between Contractions

Two Burst Modes in Elle TENS Plus, is To Be Used In Between Contractions to Promotes the Body to Release Our Natural Pain Relief Hormones, Endorphins and Encephalins.

It Feel Like Pulsing and Tingling Sensation on the Skin with the Pulses Coming on and off Consistently.

The First Mode is being Used in Early Labour from Labour Onset and the Second Mode is Usually Used When the Contractions has Becomes More Frequent and Intense.


Boost Mode - During Contractions

Two Boost Modes in Elle TENS Plus, is to Give Extra Surge of Power to Combat the Intensity During Contractions and Allows You to Focus on the Experience.

By Pressing the Integrated Easy to Access Boost Button during Contractions, You will Receive the Continuous Burst of Pulses to Rapidly Increase the Intensity of the Impulses into the Nerve Fibres during the Contractions for Greater Pain Relieve Power.

The First Mode is being used in Early Labour from Labour Onset and the Second Mode is Usually Used When the Contractions has Becomes More Frequent and Intense.

lady babycaretens with electrodes on back_220

4 Large Electrode Pads

Large Maternity Electrode Pads, Covering More Skin Area just Nicely Allowing More Electrical Impulses to Stimulate the Release of Our Pain Relieving Hormones, Endorphins and  Encephalins Whilst Blocking Pain Signals to the Brain.

The Self Adhesive Electrodes is Easy to be Placed on the Skin.

Elle_Tens Neck Cord_150

Portable and Mobile

Hand-held and Portable with Detachable Neck Cord and Tough Rotating Belt Clip, Allowing Freedom of Movements, Upright Positions and Positions of Comfort During Labour.


Also Use in Pregnancy and After Birth

Start Practising and Using Your Elle TENS Plus, 3 Weeks Before Your Estimated Due Date (EDD) to Helps Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain and Braxton Hicks.

Elle TENS Plus Helps with Smoother Postpartum Recovery by Aiding the Uterine Contractions After birth, Postpartum Back Pain, Pain Associated with Caesarean, Perineal Tear and Episiotomy.

The Pelvic Floor Stimulator Helps Post Birth Recovery by Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles to Treat Incontinence and Increase the Sexual Sensitivity.


Ergonomical Design & Ease of Use

  • Awards Winning Slim and Sleek Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Read User LCD Display
  • Contraction Timer of Last 5 Contractions Records and In Between
  • Automatic Power Off After 5 Minutes If Not Used.
  • Simple to Use with Preset Modes
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries
  • Dual Channel Digital TENS

What is in Elle TENS Plus Box

  • Elle TENS Plus
  • 4 Large Maternity Electrode Pads
  • 2 Leadwires plus 1 Spare
  • 2 AA batteries plus 2 Spare
  • Vaginal Probe for Pelvic Floor Simulation
  • Lubricant Gel Sachet
  • Easy to Release Neck Cord
  • Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Instructions Manual
  • Pad Placement Chart
  • FREE - A Women's Guide To Drug Free Pain Relief

Quality TENS Device for Labour

Elle TENS Plus is Electrotherapy Device Fully Compliant with Strict Europe EEC Directive 93/42/EEC, Registered and Approved in Singapore by HSA.

Elle TENS Plus Resources

Elle TENS+ 3-in-1

Elle TENS Plus is 3-in-1 Advance TENS Device Operates in 3 Different Modes. As Labour TENS to Supports Labour and Birth, TENS Mode for General, Chronic and Acute Pain Relief, as Pelvic Floor Simulator to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles and Treats Incontinence.

This 2 minutes Video Shows You Easily Use The 3 Different TENS Modes and What's in the Elle TENS Plus Box.

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Set Up Elle TENS+

Elle TENS+ Set Up is Fast and Fuss Free with 3 Easy Simple Steps, As Shown in This Less Than 2 Minutes Video.

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How to Use Elle TENS+ in Labour

This 2 Minutes Video Takes You through Easy 8 Steps on Using the Elle TENS Plus as Labour TENS by Birth Mode to Combat the Intensity of the Labour with Burst Mode in Between Contractions and Boosts Mode During Contractions.

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