Singapore Exclusive Distributor of Babycare TENS

About Us and How We Can be Best of Your Service

We are Singapore exclusive distributor of trusted and award-winning Babycare Elle TENS range of Maternity TENS machine, produced by Body Clock Health Care Limited in United Kingdom.

Babycare Elle TENS supports labouring women to experiencing birth, feels in control, higher satisfaction, promotes the bonding with your baby and family postpartum.

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Our Vision

To be the premier provider of Maternity TENS machine in Singapore, providing childbirth community and professionals the choice of highest quality and safe, drug-free and non-invasive labour pain relief management.

Our Mission

To make the choice of Maternity TENS available and possible for all in Singapore, promotes higher satisfaction for birthing family and childbirth community through the effective and quality Maternity TENS machine specifically designed for giving birth and postpartum.

Babycare Elle TENS is Now Available in Singapore

The Effective and Reliable Maternity TENS Specifically Designed For Helping You and Your Baby

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