Pregnancy Yoga and Prenatal Exercises

Healthier Pregnancy, Relax You and Improves Sleep, Build up Your Strength and Flexibility to Prepare for Labour and Delivery

Pregnancy Yoga and Exercise For Easy Delivery

This video clearly shows  and explains to you the pregnancy yoga and exercises to prepare for labour and for giving birth. Another lovely part is the birthing affirmation.

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Pregnancy Yoga For Optimal Fetal Positioning

This prenatal yoga exercise is safe for all trimesters. For less than 25 minutes daily, follow this video's exercises to optimal fetal positioning.

Daily Pregnancy Birth Ball Exercises

This daily birth ball exercise is most helpful during third trimester and suitable to be done anytime to start preparing for your labour early.

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Pregnancy Stretches for Relieving Pregnancy Symptoms

This 15 minute full body pregnancy stretch is great as a daily stretching routine, for a more comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga For First Trimester

This pregnancy yoga is safe for all trimesters, eases morning sickness, helps you to stretch your body and to gain some energy. 

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Pregnancy Yoga For Second Trimester

As you feel the belly getting larger during pregnancy, this exercise helps to strengthen your body and to release body soreness.

Pregnancy Yoga For Third Trimester

This pregnancy yoga exercise releases the body aches of the third trimester and helps to prepare you for labour.

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