Sensaprobe Vaginal Probe

Sensaprobe Vaginal Probe is the spare probe to use internally with Elle TENS+ for pelvic floor simulation to treat incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This Internal probe is lightweight and ergonomically designed with the purpose of comfort and satisfactory as the priority.


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Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • Extra large conductive area to ensure maximum stimulation.
  • Fully sealed unit to aid and simplify the cleaning and serialising procedure.
  • 2mm dial universal socket
  • Soft curved shape to assist insertion and comfort.
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Direction For Use
  • Apply a thin coating of lubricating gel to the probe.
  • Insert the probe until the flange at the base of the probe is sited between the labia as shown in the diagram. There is no need for precise orientation.
  • Use the Elle TENS+ in Pelvic mode to starts simulating and strengthening the pelvic floor.
Cleaning Before and After Use
  • Before use, wash hands in soap and warm running water.
  • Wash the probe liberally the same method but do not soak.
  • Rinse all soap and residue from hands and probe.
  • Dry you hands and the probe with clean cloth/paper towel and allow to air dry. Set up Elle TENS+ and starts using.
  • After use, clean the probe with warm running water. Do Not soak.
  • Rinse all soap and residue from probe.
  • Dry with clean cloth/paper towel and allow to air dry.
Product Details

Product Dimensions : 62(h) x 130(w) x 30(d)mm
Manufacturer : Body Clock Health Care Ltd

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Sensaprobe Vaginal Probe

Availability: In stock

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